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Annual Water Well

System Maintenance Plan


A regular well inspection is important to ensure your water supply is safe, reliable, and clean. 


Well system maintenance checks the condition of your system to spot possible mechanical problems like leaking seals, faulty gauges, or rusting tanks that can lead to low water pressure or contaminants in your drinking water.  Maintenance can also mitigate pump/well failure and prevent costing you money for pump repair or pump installation.

At a cost of $195 this Annually Maintenance Plan we will:

  • Verify Standing and Pumping water levels

  • Check AMP draw

  • Replace snifter valve

  • Replace AVC or Pressure Switch 

  • Drain and check tank

  • Conduct up to 2 free service calls per calendar year 

  • And we give 10% off on all parts:

Don’t Forget our:

  • Water Purification systems

  • Water Treatment systems

  • Rural Service

This is a service I am Interested in at $195 annually.  Sign me up:

Thank, please check your email for your receipt.

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